Our Services

Our Target is to Fill the food security gap in Rivers State in particular and Nigeria in general and become one of the biggest privately owned modern farms in Nigeria.

Crops farming

Our range of crops include plantain plantation, two hectares of yam plot, two hectares of tomatoes, large quadrants of cucumbers, large expanse of land for cassava.

Livestock produce

Our delicious African Dwarf goats and pigs provide the natural tasty and satisfying protein in your meals

Poultry Produce

We grow quality Layers, broilers and turkeys for fresh table eggs and frozen chicken


We grow catfish to table size and mélange for delicious fresh fish and smoked dried type for our customers to relish.

Cold-room services

Strategically located to provide frozen chicken, turkeys, fish and pork that have been produced under an utmost hygienic condition for our esteemed consumers.

Our Produce are Very Competitive in The Market

From production to processing, packaging and marketing, we deploy best practices in the interest of the health and well-being of the final consumers.


Eleven Thousand Layers - Eggs Production

Ten Thousand Monthly Broiler Production

Five Hectares Plantain Plantation

Ten Plots of fruits and Leafy Vegetables

One Thousand Capacity Goats Farm

2 hectares of tomatoes farm

Two Thousand Five Hundred turkeys

2 hectares of yams plot